Frequently asked questions

1. The Product

How should I take Zirtui ?

Zirtui's THE longevity blend is easy to implement into your daily life. A box contains 30 portions, enough for one month. Each Zirtui portion contains a powder blend of biological ingredients that you take once a day, preferably with your first meal. Our advice? Add it to your first glass of water, juice or shake. You can also mix it with your yoghurt or granola.

We recommend taking Zirtui in the morning because of the high dosage of Vitamin D. Taking THE blend in the evening may interfere with your sleeping pattern.

As we specifically chose not to add any additives, you may have to stir it a bit more thoroughly than other blends. Simply add it to a shaker or use our Zirtui mixer!

How does Zirtui taste?

Zirtui is a blend of very specific ingredients of biological nature. We specifically chose not to use any additives, that may interfere with Zirtui's key values. This means that we also did not use any taste-masking additives. Zirtui looks and tastes ‘green’. If you don’t like the taste of the Zirtui powder, mix it with a little juice, some (plant-based) milk, a protein shake, or smoothie.

Can young people take the blend?

Of course, they can. Since Zirtui only contains 100% natural ingredients, it’s suitable for all ages. The use of supplements for children under 12 is not advised.

Why is the THE blend daily dose a powder and not a pill?

One Zirtui dosage of optimized longevity ingredients would require the equivalence of more than 10 pills. To prevent having to take so many pills a day, we made Zirtui in daily packages that you can easily toss into your bag or slip into your pocket.

Where does the colour of the blend come from?

The greenish colour comes, among others, from the broccoli sprouts and the sources of niacin.

2. The Brand & Science

Where does the name Zirtui come from?

Zirtui is named after the sirtuins, a group of longevity proteins that are central players in the regulation of cellular mechanisms involved in aging. Sirtuins act together with cofactor NAD+ and were shown to positively influence the lifespan of model organisms in which their function was studied. Today, sirtuins are primarily known as the “longevity genes”.

How long should I take Zirtui to see the effects?

Zirtui requires a consistent intake over time to have an optimal effect. We advise taking Zirtui at least for three months consecutively. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To help you, a subscription model also ensures that you aren't ordering more supplies or stocking more inventory than you need.

How about the science behind the product? Can the health benefits be proven?

Zirtui is based on numerous scientific peer-reviewed studies from different scientific groups focusing on anti-ageing and longevity.

Is Zirtui safe?

Zirtui is fully compliant with the regulations for dietary supplements. Zirtui only contains ingredients that are known to be safe and approved at the European level.

3. Diets & Ingredients

Are there any additional ingredients added to the blends besides the main ingredients?

Zirtui uses as many organic ingredients as possible. Our blend does not contain any artificial additives. We have deliberately chosen not to add aids that, for instance, help with the solubility of Zirtui or mask the taste. For specific ingredients consult our Ingredients page.

Are there specific diets for which Zirtui is not suitable?

Zirtui is a bespoke blend of these ingredients. Our blend is vegan, GMO, and gluten-free. The blend contains a small number of natural sugars. For specific warnings, please check the label.

4. Ordering & Shipping

Are there any shipping costs?

No, shipping is completely free within the UK.

Can I return my order?

If your order has not been opened and is not damaged, you may return your order. Contact us via the contact page. Please note that Zirtui will not be able to refund any shipping costs when returning your package. 

Do you ship internationally or outside the UK?

Please check

Can I track my order?

Yes, upon ordering and paying, you will receive an email with tracking information.

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